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Scale up on Pinterest with confidence. Our leading Pinterest Ads agency leverages expert insights to drive your business growth and ensure a robust ROI.












Create Pinterest Ads Campaign That Converts Sales

Pinterest is an undervalued tool in the digital marketing sphere. However, its potential is endless with it capable of boosting organic engagement, brand awareness and increase in sales and conversions. With 87% of Pinterest users having found and purchased items from the platform!

At SOUP, we’ve got the secret sauce to ensure your next Pinterest marketing campaign gets maximum results. Our expert team will optimise pins, through hashtags and keywords to accelerate brand awareness and conversion of sales. That way, you can sit back and relax as we take your Pinterest marketing campaign to the next level!

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Why Choose Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest is an ultimate platform that reaches high-intent audiences. It’s the only platform where people actively plan for what’s next, with it having over 445 million active users per month. Its user-friendly interface has made sharing content easy, allowing many businesses to grow their brand awareness with around 78% of users finding promoted branded content useful. On top of that, 45% of Millennial Pinners (age 25-34) have made a purchase as a result of seeing branded content on Pinterest.

Here’s some several ways that Pinterest can level up your next advertising campaign:

Measurable and Scalable

Pinterest enables you to easily track your advertising spending, accurately measure ROI and scale campaigns.

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Why Choose SOUP as Your Pinterest Ads Agency?

Our team of Pinterest Ad specialists have executed result-driven campaigns for an abundance of clients from a range of industries. Regardless of your size, budget or goals, we’re keen to accelerate your business’ momentum through Pinterest Ads . So whether it's tracking, retargeting or promoting ads, we’ll find the right combination to deliver results. That way when your partnered with us you are guaranteed; 

  • First-rate service and support.

  • Effective, sophisticated marketing campaigns.

  • Results

Our Pinterest Advertising Process 

At SOUP, we have the skills to back you up in your next Pinterest marketing campaign. Our process includes:

A great Pinterest ad campaign starts by first understanding your business and its goals. That's why our team of specialists collaborate with your brand to create a strategy that not aligns with your objectives, but also creates impactful results. 

Success Stories: How SOUP Helped Client Grow with Pinterest Ads


Our journey over the last two years was dedicated to engaging the unique audience of Pinterest, a platform renowned for its inspirational content and visual search capabilities. Despite the challenge presented by its fluctuating engagement levels, our goal was to achieve and maintain a consistent return on ad spend (ROAS) through strategic advertising efforts.

Performance Insights:
Focusing on the strategic implementation of Pinterest ads, we experienced notable success. Our campaigns, crafted under Pinterest's 30/30/30 attribution model, showcased the ability to achieve a stable ROAS of 10.95 throughout our partnership, despite the platform's inherent variability in user engagement.

Strategic Actions:
Keyword and Interest Testing: By ongoing testing across various keywords and interest groups, we pinpointed the optimal combinations to target our intended audience effectively.
Regular Pin Updates:

Acknowledging the importance of content freshness, we committed to regularly refreshing our pins, ensuring they remained engaging and relevant to the Pinterest community.
Continuous Campaign Optimisation: Our strategy included strategic refinement of our campaigns, focusing on adjusting keywords, interest groups, and budget allocations to enhance our ROAS.
Diverse Ad Formats: Embracing Pinterest's array of ad formats, including standard image ads, video ads and shopping ads, allowed us to maintain 7-10 active pins at any time, enriching the user experience and engagement levels.

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  • Personalised recommendations from SOUP experts

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FAQs about Pinterest Advertising


Q: How is Pinterest Advertising different from Facebook and Instagram Advertising? 
A: Whilst Facebook and Instagram are the go-to standard of digital marketing, it is also an overly saturated market. This makes it difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd especially if you do not have the skills or knowledge to navigate the market.

Pinterest, however, is an underrated tool within advertising, offering a full-funnel marketing opportunity. Its unique visual design promotes stronger brand awareness making it easier to drive traffic to external sites. In the right hands, Pinterest Ads have a higher conversion rate than other social media platforms. With more than 50% of pinners having purchased products displayed on the site. 
Want to get started? Speak to our Pinterest specialists with our FREE audit!

Q: How can a Pinterest Agency help?
A: There are many factors involved in creating an effective Pinterest marketing strategy. A Pinterest ad strategy needs to be tailored to your business’ goals and objectives. Though it may seem more cost effective to employ someone in-house or do it yourself, there are an abundance of downsides which make an experienced digital marketing agency, like SOUP, shine. By choosing to do the work yourself or hire in-house, your limited skills and expertise are needed to handle a Pinterest campaign. This can lead to an inefficient Pinterest marketing campaign, leading you to have wasted your hard earned money and time. Whereas, when you work with an agency, you get a team of experts dedicated to implementing the best Pinterest marketing campaign that fits your business.

Q: How much does Pinterest Advertising cost? 
A: The cost is really dependent on your business advertising goals and objectives. This may include strategy, management and campaign setup fees, but in general you can expect to spend:
$0.10 - $1.50 per click
$2.00 - $5 per thousand impressions
$6.00 - $10.00 per conversion

Unfortunately, a lower budget has a higher risk of not being as effective on Pinterest. Nonetheless, if Pinterest is not fitting in your budget, SOUP has a variety of digital marketing services including Google Ads, SEO & CRO, and social media marketing.

Q: Does your Pinterest Marketing Strategy work with other strategies? 
A: Most certainly! Many of our clients also want to work on a variety of platforms like Facebook ads and Instagram ads. We see Pinterest marketing as a great opportunity. So with the right business, we’ll incorporate a Pinterest advertising strategy that ensures maximum results.

Q: Does my business need to be a certain size to work with a Pinterest Advertising Agency?
A: At SOUP, we welcome any business no matter the size. However, it's worth noting that your brand does need to be able to place a certain amount into Pinterest marketing to maximise results. 

If you are curious to see if your business is the right fit, speak to one of our Pinterest advertising specialists using our FREE audit!

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