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From Gap to Glory: Pump Haircare's SEO Growth Through Content Innovation

Pump's blog hub


The Challenge

Pump Haircare, a leading Australian vegan and cruelty-free hair care brand, aimed to broaden its organic audience reach, enhance brand awareness, and boost sales. A key aspect of their strategy was to analyse the market's major competitors and strategise ways to close the gap between Pump and other industry leaders.


Our Strategy

To address this challenge, our team at SOUP initiated a comprehensive audit of Pump Haircare's SEO performance, uncovering a significant content gap between their website and that of their main competitors. Identifying this opportunity, we recommended the creation of a 'Knowledge Hub' – a dedicated platform to share articles, tips, guides, and advice on hair care. They already had a blog section on their website, however, the articles were not optimised for target keywords, and posted infrequently so did not bring any traffic.

Our strategy involved conducting an extensive content gap and competitor analysis. This process helped us identify trending topics we were missing to rank for, those that could yield the highest return on investment quickly, and how to effectively cluster these topics for maximum impact.


The Result

The Pump ‘Knowledge Hub’ was launched in September 2023, with the first 4 articles published in September.

By November 2023, compared to September, the "Knowledge Hub" has seen:

  • An increase of +181 keywords (244 vs 63)

  • An increase of +13 keywords sitting on page 1 (13 vs 0)

  • A total of 120k impressions and 555 clicks from 1 Sep to 27 Nov 2023.

With the right ranking strategy in place, our articles also rank for the “Featured Snippets” position (also known as position 0). This prime spot significantly drives traffic, engagement, and brand awareness.

Pump's article ranking for featured snippet
An example of Pump Haircare's article ranking for a Featured Snippet

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